Big Bottle Co.

120 ML - $24.95

Nic levels: 3 & 6 mg


  • Blueberry Cake - Grandma’s secret recipe has gotten out, and we’ve harnessed that decadent goodness to create Blueberry Cake. It’s a fluffy cake with bursts of tart blueberry and the   crumble topping that only grandmothers can pull off.    
  • Cinnamon Cream - Fluffy cream swirled with cinnamon sugar. The perfect treat to satisfy your   nagging sweet tooth.
  • Electric Lemonade - A tall glass of tangy blue raspberry lemonade with just enough charge to make you want to party all night.    
  • Good Ol' Custard - There’s a reason vanilla custard is an absolute staple… It just tastes so dang good. Good Ol’  Custard is the perfect bowl full of creamy vanilla custard with a touch of   cinnamon sugar and nut. 
  • Jelly Doughnut -  Glazed fresh from the oven, loaded with raspberry jelly, topped with sweet icing and sprinkles.    
  • Pink Lemonade -  a fruity, tart glass of Pink Lemonade mixed with berries and freshly squeezed lemon that will make you book your next beach getaway.    
  • Strawberry Milk -  Nostalgia in a bottle: sweet strawberry with that milk flavor you can only get in a tall glass at mom’s kitchen table.
  • Summer Drink - Blackberry peach lemonade that will have you longing for 95 degree weather   and some poolside lounging.    

Hometown Hero

60 ML - 14.99

Nic levels: 0, 3, 6, & 12 mg.


  • Ambrosia - A melon inhale with a berry exhale and citrus notes throughout. It’s sweet melon with a sharp citrus backing give it a flavor that is unlike any ejuice on the market.
  • Angel Tears - Refreshing watermelon inhale and rich, sweet berry coconut exhale. 
  • Angel's Breath - Refreshing cool watermelon inhale   with a soothing berry and coconut exhale.
  • Legend - A perfect balance of banana and rum –   the banana isn’t too overpowering and the rum gives it a perfect kick.
  • Red Dream -  A warm and salty kettle corn inhale with a sweet strawberry and cream finish. 
  • Rice Crunchy Squares -  An ejuice that tastes like the Crispy Treats moms used to make. This flavor has a sweet and succulent rice crunchies inhale and a delicious sweet marshmallow exhale.
  • Sun Drops -  Refreshing, lightly sweetened tea inhale with a passion fruit exhale.
  • Witch Doctor - The perfect blend of chocolate and tobacco.


30 ML - $12.00

Nicotine Levels: 0, 3, 6, 12, 18 mg.


  • Berry Lemonade - Berries and freshly squeezed lemons are sweetened to taste. 
  • Colonel Custard - Exquisite vanilla custard e-liquid.  Layers of smooth, rich, and subtly sweet   custard tinged with intoxicating traces of vanilla.
  • Cotton Dandy - A freshly spun cloud dissolves in your mouth as blue raspberry cotton candy.
  • Jude -  A   delicious concoction of vibrant kiwi and ripe berries.  
  • Lemon Squares - Just as light, bright, and buttery as its namesake.  Bursting with tart lemon sweetened to taste and layered with perfectly baked pastry undertones.
  • Light & Sweet - This coffee e-liquid is akin to a freshly brewed mug of expertly roasted coffee beans  with a dollop of cream and a spoonful of sugar.
  • Midnight Joy Ride - A  rich tobacco e-liquid infusion of toasted nut with creamy coconut   undertones.
  • Mitch'Ang -  A sumptuous peanut butter cheesecake e-liquid.  Smooth and nutty peanut butter combines with sweet and velvety cheesecake to create a delectable duo to immerse your senses.
  • Pursuit of Happiness - An RY4 tobacco e-liquid recreation embodies the captivating essence of vanilla paired with  luxurious caramel undertones and the vivid aromatics of premium tobacco leaves.
  • Ridin' Nerdy -  Packs a powerful punch of candied flavor that is popular with avid sweet-tooth enthusiasts.
  • Snow Globe -  A winter holiday inspired peppermint dessert e-liquid.
  • Sugar Mama -  A tasty sugar cookie e-liquid treat loaded with all of the sweet, freshly baked appeal of a delightful sugar cookie.
  • Triple Apple - What happens when you deliberately concentrate the essence of several varieties of apples?    Triple Apple E-Liquid of course!
  • Wow -  A true grape flavor reminiscent of fruit laden vineyards in late summer, WOW is simply a clean, pure grape taste.
  • Day Dream - Inspired by our favorite summer frozen treat. A dreamy dollop of refreshing orange citrus swirled with velvety vanilla ice cream and a scoop of nostalgia.
  • Fruity Dragon - A luscious dragon fruit E-Liquid.  A light pairing of select tropical fruits enhance the naturally subtle flavor.  This version of dragon fruit E-Liquid captures its delicate nature and provides a delicious and balanced exotic vape.
  • Guavatron - Condenses the abundantly exotic flavor of this remarkable fruit into a charming e-liquid.  The unique taste of this tropical fruit is sometimes described as a pleasant mashup of pear and strawberry perhaps with a bit of kiwi; but each of those fall short of a true representation of this marvelous guava e-liquid.
  • Red Chee - Lychee E-Liquid is distinctly bold and exotic.  Capturing the essence of a juicy texture comparable to a grape, and the sweet tones that intertwine with an underlying   source of fragrance that is best described as a captivating bouquet.
  • Sweet & Tart - Sweet and Tart E-Liquid is akin to some of our favorite candies.  If you love candy, or combinations of sweet and tart this e-liquid will not disappoint.  An amusing fruit mashup to entice the senses.

JVapes Exclusive Line

30 ML - $16.99

Nic Levels: 0, 3, 6 & 12 mg.


  • Golden Flakes -  Golden Flakes comes from that last bit of sugary cereal that hides at the bottom of the box.  A scoop of sugar coated golden grains and a splash of cold, creamy whole milk.     
  • Green Tea - Savor this elegant   and bright balance of freshly steeped green tea leaves infused with a  delicate honeysuckle finish. 
  • Scouts -  Rich caramel, toasted   coconut, and a chocolate drizzle are stacked on top of a soft, buttery cookie guaranteed to become your new favorite treat.


30 ML - $14.99

Nicotine Levels: 0, 3, 6, 12 mg.


  • Berry - Freshly picked berries with a smooth mix of cactus.
  • Mango -  A sweet and juicy   mango finished with a smooth mix of cactus and kiwi. 
  • Peach -  A delicious ripe   peach and cactus mix smoothed out in a rich yogurt.
  • Tropical - A shisha inspired   tropical flavor bursting with strawberry and cactus.     

Mister E-Liquid

30 ML - $12.99

Nicotine Levels: 0, 3, 6, 12, 18 mg.


  • Banana Dream - A fog of sweet, authentic   banana, carried aloft on a pillow of rich Bavarian Cream. 
  • Bermuda Rain -  A tropical vacation in the palm of your hand! A juicy blueberry with a tropical note of mango and pineapple, finished with just a breath of coconut. 
  • Berry A' Peelin - The perfect strawberry-banana e-liquid. Or is it banana-strawberry? In this   luscious e-liquid, both are equal partners in flavor. This spectacular blend features a juicy strawberry alongside a ripe banana, and finishes with a light sweetness that’s never overpowering. 
  • Blue Voodoo -  Let this blue   raspberry e-liquid work its magic on you! Try it and you’ll taste that   there’s more going on here than a simple blue raspberry.
  • Casino 21 -  Double down on this powerful tobacco e-liquid! This familiar Turkish blend with spicy accents has an analog cigarette feel with a great throat hit.  
  • Copperhead -  This copperhead has a wicked bite! This tobacco e-liquid blends the heady flavor of a warm pipe tobacco with a subtle, creamy blueberry for a flavor.  
  • Formula E -  lightly-roasted coffee beans, dark complex mocha, and   sweet smooth cream. 
  • Four of a Kind - This mixed berry e-liquid is medium-bodied and smooth, not harsh or overly sweet.  
  • Gooey Butter Cake - Because   everything is better with butter! This unbelievably authentic rich, gooey flavor melts in your mouth like warm butter cake, fresh from the oven.  
  • Grey Matter -  Hints of spiced vanilla, warm graham cracker, maybe even the ghost of a marshmallow haunting a dark   night; on the other, strains of fragrant pipe tobacco or perhaps just a quality light cigarette. Like a truly quality tobacco.
  • GTFO -  This dark, rich e-liquid is one of our most complex blends.  A powerful but not overriding espresso is followed with layers of creamy chocolate and sweet caramel, with muted raspberry   tones, finishing in a light vanilla.   
  • Hashtag - Starting with a lush Georgia peach, adding a crisp, tart   blueberry, and finishing with a tropical twist.  
  • Heartbreaker -  Fresh nectarine and ripe watermelon float atop tart pomegranate and juicy watermelon for a fruit vape that’s sure to make its way into your daily rotation.
  • HFC -  Sweet honey flue cured   cigar e-liquid. With a rich blend of warm, fragrant cigar tobacco balanced against a touch of an amazingly deep, sweet honey, 
  • Jade Tiger -  A luscious blend of watermelon, strawberry and pineapple, with a hint of coconut to round out the flavor. A fantastic tropical vape.  
  • Landslide - Rich, yet light and creamy, this chocolate cake e-liquid blends layers of delicate   chocolate mousse with a smooth, delicious chocolate truffle cream that’s sure to satisfy.  
  • Lemonade - Freshly-squeezed   lemons, a touch of pure cane sugar, and served with fresh slices of lemon floating on top.  
  • Menthol Medium - Whole pure menthol .  Simple, most authentic menthol e-liquid available. 
  • Watermelon - This luscious watermelon e-liquid is fresh, authentic, and 100 percent   seedless. Cut yourself a slice today!
  • Paradigm - Succulent pear balanced to perfection by a smooth splash of vanilla cream. 
  • Pluto -  Smooth honeydew melon finishes with just a hint of tang. 
  • Pomberry -  Strong notes of   pomegranate cut by a bold tone of ripe blueberry.    
  • Raspberry Cooler - Spectacular and refreshing raspberry e-liquid brings a delightful blend of fruits, with raspberry up front and a light wintergreen finish. Think...Raspberry Julep!     
  • Rough Neck - You want that dry, non-sweet tobacco taste, but without the smell or mess or all that other cigarette nonsense. As this tobacco juice ages, it adds a new layer of depth to the flavor profile.
  • RY4 -  A caramel tobacco with incredible depth and complex, subtle undertones. Even if tobacco vapes aren’t normally for you, give this flavor a try: there’s more to this RY4 than just tobacco!    
  • Simply Strawberry - Wonderful strawberry e-liquid has just the right flavor to put it between ripe, fresh real strawberries and sweet, sweet strawberry candy.  
  • Snow Day-  A cool vape without menthol, Snow Day is reminiscent of the butter crème mints that are popular at weddings and during the holidays. This peppermint-vanilla e-liquid is a great winter vape. 
  • Strawberry Angel -  An amazingly authentic Strawberry Angel Food Cake e-liquid.
  • Strawberry Ice -  Simply  Strawberry with a refreshing touch of menthol.    
  • Watermelon Ice -  Watermelon with a refreshing touch of menthol.    

That's so Pretzel

60 ML

Chocolate-covered  pretzel like you’ve never tasted it before! This amazing e-liquid blends  smooth, rich milk chocolate with savory, salty pretzel for a flavor so   scrumptious, you'd swear you were eating the real thing. That's So Pretzel comes in a 60ml glass bottle, with a spare easy-pour 30ml plastic bottle, and our exclusive Dripster, the original drip coaster, in a specially-designed presentation box.

Animal Rescue


Animal lovers and vapers unite!  A portion of all proceeds will be donated to help prevent animal abuse and neglect.  

Nicotine Levels: 0, 3, 6, 12 mg.


  • Blueberry Cream Pie - This rich, ripe flavor brings bright blueberries and warm vanilla over a cream base that finishes with a soft pie crust. 
  • Saki's Orange Cream -   Named for one of our favorite fluffy felines, Saki's Orange Cream is a rich blend of smooooth cream, countered with just the right note of crisp, tart orange.
  • Santa's Candy Cane - As crisp and clean as a candy cane right off the tree. Get into the spirit of the holidays year ‘round with this amazing peppermint e-liquid. 
  • Sweet Shots - A tasty, tart watermelon air taffy e-liquid that’s perfect any time you need a quick treat. 

Naked 100

60 ML - $21.99

Nicotine levels: 0, 3, 6, 12 mg.


  • Amazing Mango -  Mango is bae and Amazing Mango E Juice shows you just why! This lusciously sweet tropical treat is infused with hints of peach and cream in a subtle, but sexy way. Your collection is not complete without Naked Amazing Mango! 
  • American Patriot Tobacco -  American Patriot by Naked 100 Tobacco takes you on a ride with a classic tobacco cut, featuring a full bodied rich tobacco blend with firm, full rounded, and distinct notes that pay homage to the most legendary of tobacco flavors.  
  • Berry Belts -   Berries take center stage in Naked 100 Berry Belts e juice! This is a wildly delicious candy flavor that pairs citrus tangerines and strawberry sweetness for a new take on fruits! 
  • Frost Bite -   Frost Bite by Naked 100 is the perfect tropical refreshment, taking sweet and tart Pineapple, rich Cantaloupe, and smooth Honeydew slices, blending them into an ultra satisfying fruity frozen concoction.
  • Green Blast -  The power of the green fruit is prevalent in this powerhouse of a flavor, Naked Green Blast E Juice. The sweetest honeydew marries itself to the tart crunch of Granny Smith apples and the ever-luscious kiwi, creating a symphony of flavor in your mouth.
  • Hawaiian POG -   The islands beckon with this absolutely tasty e juice blend of passion fruit, orange, and guava. Naked Hawaiian Pog promises to transport you directly to the Big Island with big taste! 
  • Sour Sweet -   Got a sour e juice craving? Indulge it with Naked Sour Sweet, a candy flavor that pairs lip-smacking lemon with limes to create layers upon layers of sweetness. But the sour is lurking just beneath the surface!
  • Very Berry -   The best of berries make their presence known in Naked 100 Very Berry, this fruity blend of sweet blueberries, juicy blackberries, and just a hint of zesty lemon to round it off in a uniquely tasty way.


60 ML - $24.99

Nicotine Levels: 0, 3, 6, 12 mg.


  • Bond -  There’s a saying in   England: Where there is a fruity menthol mix, there is fire! Starfruit,   Strawberry, and Kiwi with a cool blast of menthol.    
  • Cena -  We started with only   bananas that won the heavy weight championship and super slammed them with   the richest vanilla ice cream and waffle cone.
  • Claire Underwood -  Behind every great man there is a woman vaping this sweet pink watermelon candy with notes of razzmatazz.
  • Harley Quinn -  Sometimes to stay sane, the only way is to go crazy with this delicious raspberry cookie with   hints of sugar and cream.    
  • Jackman -  This flavor doesn’t   like to be caged, unleash this coffee cake with strawberries and whipped   cream or it gets angry! 
  • Jason Bourne -  This pineapple and   strawberry slushy is so delicious the Federal Government is actually looking for it.               

Swizzle Stix

60 ML - $19.99

Nicotine Levels: 0, 3, 6 mg


  • Damn Good Coffee -      If you need a   straight boost to start your day off right, there’s no better way than with   some Damn Good Coffee e-juice! A piping-hot dark roast coffee, lightly   sweetened with brown sugar, Bavarian cream, and a subtle hint of coconut is   all you need to give your daily tasks a swift ass-kicking. Damn Good Coffee   eliquid is robust in its name and flavor, so you can stick it to the man and   say, “Hell yeah, I got this.”    
  • Jungle Frost - If you took any   geography classes during your school years, you know damn well it doesn’t   snow in the jungle. Ever*. Jungle Frost vape juice changes the course of   climate history with its combination of tropical flavors. Juicy strawberries   and sweet kiwi slathered graciously on top of a creamy meringue while   throwing in a judo kick of frost. When you hear the call of the wild, know   that it isn’t the angry chimpanzees hurling bananas at your head, but the   clouds of Jungle Frost e-juice wisping through the dense jungle vegetation. 
  • Lorena's Leche - Whoever this Lorena   chick is, we would absolutely love to stay at her place for awhile and enjoy   her delicious treats! Lorena’s Leche eliquid is a harmonious balance of   scrumptiously ripe strawberries layered on velvety rich cheesecake. No, this   isn’t some cookie-cutter dessert from the Cheesecake Factory, this is a   made-from-scratch dessert that can only be created with love and effort.   Creamy by nature with just the right touch of strawberry deliciousness makes   Lorena’s Leche e-juice so superb. 

Vape Wild - Pre Steeped

30 ML - $10.49

Nicotine Levels: 0, 3,6, 12 mg


  • Amaizeballs -  With a name like   Amaizeballs, you’d expect something to be just that. This well-loved and   oft-vaped cereal e-liquid flavor is chock full of toasty puffy corn cereal   blended with sweet, sweet honey and rounded off with a nice milky finish.   Subtle but full flavor without the milk mustache or drool.    
  • Butter Beer -  We took a trip on   our Nimbus 2015 to meet with the creators of Butterbeer from the Three Broom   Sticks in Hogsmeade to find this delectable treat for the holiday season.    
  • Cherry Limeaid -  When you mix   cherries and limes, worlds collide in the most amazing ways!  Cherry   Limeade is as refreshing as it sounds and makes for one of our more popular   beverage e-liquids.   Smooth and sweet with a nice tart bite of   lime, you’ll go back to this flavor again and again.
  • Circus Bear -  Life is better   under the big top and we guarantee with Circus Bear, it smells much better   too.  Creamy bananas and sweet strawberries do a lovely trapeze act   together that makes for one of the most popular fruit eliquid flavors on our   site.  All it takes is a few pulls of your vape to see why it’s   consistently number one!  This is no circus act, it’s the real deal.
  • Cowboy Cooler -  Vape like a real   cowboy with the ever-popular Cowboy Cooler.  This radiant blend of mixed   berries and a subtle cool minty koolada is a delight to the senses in every   way.  Don’t let the name fool you, this fruity refreshing eliquid is for   everybody!
  • Sour Double Rainbow -  When the candy is   too sweet, Sour Double Rainbow steps it up a notch by making your mouth   pucker in this delightful candy eliquid!  Taking on every flavor of the   rainbow, this candy treat takes a daring twist with a little bit of sour   pucker to round it out.  
  • Double Rainbow -  Are you feeling   lucky?  Find your pot of gold in the form of liquid heaven with Double   Rainbow, the tasty sweet candy eliquid that is nothing short of juicy.    Get all the candy and none of the cavities OR calories! 
  • Dragon Juice - A sweet and smooth   fruity blend, Dragon Juice e-liquid is full of tart citrus and sweet tropical notes throughout.  he candy and none of the cavities OR calories!  
  • Fruit Hoops -  As far as cereal   eliquids go, Fruit Hoops takes the guesswork out of picking one that you   like.  Famous for its true fruity cereal flavor and a nice cool milky   finish, Fruit Hoops is in a class all its own.  This is one flavor that   will make you a little more picky about your cereal vapes
  • Hannibal Nectar -  Don’t let the name   fool you, Hannibal Nectar promises to only make you crave fruit and leave the   humans alone. This wonderful mélange of fruit is the stuff of dreams and   we’ll tell you why. Because we mixed succulent peaches and melons together   and married them to oranges and berries that will make you salivate with   every pull. Fruit e-liquid will never be the same again. 
  • Grape Vape - Looking for a great   vape? Try Grape Vape! Inspired by well(ch's) known grape juice, this is a   sweet and slightly tart grape e-liquid.    
  • Green Apple Envy -  Green Apple Envy is   sweet, crisp, and as sour as a fresh green apple! Other apple e-juices are   just green with envy. 
  • Icy Cold -  Minty wintergreen   and lightly sweetened spearmint are introduced to the infamous icy menthol.   This e liquid is the ultimate vape for menthol lovers! #WhatsCoolerThanCool    
  • King Cake - Royally deep with   flavor, King Cake obviously holds the crown in dessert e-liquids. Mimicking   the heavenly King Cakes found only during Mardi Gras, this full-flavored vape   hits all the right notes by blending doughy cake, gooey frosting and a burst   of dessert cinnamon rounding it off. Dessert lovers everywhere will feel   positively regal. Crowns not included.
  • Menthol Type -  Menthol Type, a   premium menthol flavored tobacco ejuice, is reminiscent of a widely popular   menthol cigarette tobacco blend.    
  • Morning Ritual - Rewrite your   Morning Ritual today and fire up your coils with your cup of joe.  This   flavor brings back all the reasons why your mornings were great by combining   a smoky tobacco flavor with Irish aromatic coffee.  This isn’t for the   rookies out there.  Only our hardened vets know about this age old   morning routine!    
  • Murica -  Oh beautiful for   spacious skies and tart sweet popsicles!  Murica is a top-seller simply   because it reminds you of hot summer days, dripping cherry limeade popsicles   that are tri-colored treats and all things America. 
  • On Cloud Custard -  On Cloud Custard    Ejuice is a rich vanilla custard with many subtle layers of flavor, an   all day vape among creamy dessert enthusiasts.        matic coffee.
  • Peache Guavera -  This revolutionary   e juice flavor adds the tropical goodness of guava while including a lovely   summer peach taste. It’s likely to secure its place as your new ADV!    
  • S+C -  With this upgrade   of the legendary “Strawberries and Cream”, you may notice more cream and   strawberries! If you loved Strawberries and Cream, you will absolutely   adore this elegant, rich, and creamy addition!        
  • Shamrock's Irish Milkshake - Looking for that minty and refreshing drink you've grown to love? You’re in luck! Shamrock’s   Irish Milkshake is a magically delicious blend of creamy vanilla and smooth   mint, with a classic whipped cream finish. 
  • Spearmint -  The cool, minty   flavor of spearmint is ever-present in this delicious e-liquid, lightly sweet   and refreshing. 
  • Smurf Cake - A smurfing good   ejuice blend of our amazing cheesecake and wild (that's VapeWild!!!)   blueberries will have you blowing blue clouds in a whimsical fantasy land.
  • Ya Killing S'mores -  Campfire not   included with this excellent combination of ooey, gooey marshmallow and   graham cracker, topped off with a milk chocolate that delights you in all the   right ways.  Keep your fingers clean with this flavor and don’t be like   Smalls! What's a S'more? THIS is a S'more! 
  • Stardust - A flavor so   heavenly, we had to create it in the cosmos.  We took the divine taste   of summer’s favorite fruits and melded them with the sweet crunch of   cucumbers and shot ourselves to the stars above.  The lightest,   fruitiest potion to date with enough muddled fruit blended in to make your   mouth fairly water.  Welcome to our universe, Stardust. 
  • Yummy Bear -  Just like the   little chewy candies, you won't want to put this down! A sweet and fruity   e-liquid that is perfect all day long.        gant, rich, and creamy addition!


60 ML - 19.99

Nicotine Levels: 0, 3, 6, 2 mg.


  • Almond Caramel - Who doesn’t like   waffles with smooth and creamy caramel on top? Or a Almond Vape Juice?    Throw in some toasted almonds and you’ve got a depth of sinful flavor   the likes of which you've never tasted before.  The combination is   enough to fill you up without eating a thing.  With a buttery finish to   round out the experience, WFFL Almond & Caramel leaves little to the   imagination. 
  • Blueberry -  The name says it   all but the flavor makes it great as the blueberries stand apart from the   crowd, deserving of their own profile.  This   flavor overflows with fresh blueberry and waffle flavor that tastes   fresh from the kitchen.
  • Lemon Curd -  Lemon takes on a   whole new meaning with this sweet but tart treasure.  The balance of   bitter and sweet lends this flavor a bit of mystique, especially with   the nice, syrupy smooth finish. 
  • Strawberry Cream - Decadently sweet   and swirled with luscious cream, this flavor is the ultimate fruit lover’s   dream.  Strawberries take center stage combining with the mouthwatering   coolness of cream.  The results are a flavor that pleases more than your   palate.  Breakfast will never be the same.